Direct Mail Solutions

Clients demand personalized direct mail, data processing and USPS "knowledge" and "know how" under one roof ‒ and we deliver. We’re experts at processing millions of pieces of mail monthly. With USPS Seamless Acceptance, we eliminate postal-clerk delays and expedited mailings, assessing every campaign for postage efficiencies.



       Direct Mail Booklets

       Direct Mail Cards and Envelopes      

       Direct Mail Newsletters

       Direct Mail Postcards

Folded Self-Mailers

Letter Mailers

Letter Mailers with Reply Envelopes

Window Letter Mailers

Window Letter Mailers w/Reply Envelopes

Folded Self-Mailers with Cards Affixed

Post Cards with Cards, Keys or Combo Boxes

Over-Size Post Cards & Mailers

Over-Size Post Cards & Mailers with Credit Cards, Scratch-Offs, Keys or Combo Boxes Attached

Direct Mail Letters with Multiple Pages Inserted Flat into Custom Flat Zip Open Overnight Envelopes

Lewis Color, Inc. recognizes the importance of safeguarding the data and other electronic assets of all of our clients and hold in high regard our responsibility to keep your corporate assets safe, secure and confidential. We adhere to strict internal procedures to ensure your complete trust and confidence.



EDDM, Variable data, matched mail, letters, postcards, flyers, brochures, envelopes, affixing & inserting.

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